Inbar Hagai

Inbar Hagai is a multidisciplinary visual artist and filmmaker whose work spans video, virtual reality, sculpture, and experimental documentary filmmaking. Her long-term projects often meander through a series of narrative rabbit holes, blurring the boundaries between documentation and fantasy, staged and happenstance. This hybrid ethos is used to transgressively examine and reflect on cultural conventions (and their subsequent taboos) around interspecies cohabitation and domination within human-machine-animal relationships, libidinal desires, mass media, spatial actuality, and the breeding and domestication of non-human animals. Relentlessly tongue-in-cheek, my films are meant to be accompanied by nervous laughter.

Hagai gained her BFA with honors from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (Jerusalem, 2017), and is currently pursuing her MFA at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, 2024). Hagai studied in the class of Christian Jankowski, in Stuttgart, Germany, as part of a student exchange program (2016). Her works have been exhibited in venues such as The Center for Digital Art (Holon, 2023), Radiant Hall (PA, US, 2023), Hamidrasha Gallery (Tel Aviv, 2022), Hecht Museum (Haifa, 2021), Palermo Gallery (Stuttgart, Germany, 2016), CICA Museum (South Korea, 2017), Manifesta 11 (Zurich, 2016), and in film and media festivals such as PrintScreen (2019) and DocAviv (2017) in Israel, and NMFF (L.A., 2017), RIFF (Norway, 2017) and On Art (Warsaw, 2017).  

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