The Ellis Gallery

Located on the 3rd floor of CFA, the Ellis Gallery is a secure space for installations and exhibitions with capabilities for complete light control. It is available to individual undergraduate and graduate students, as well as student collaborations, faculty, and class projects. Proposals are required and can be submitted to Keni Jefferson, Undergraduate Activity Coordinator,

The Frame Gallery

The Frame Gallery is a non-profit, student-run art space, committed to showcasing the artistic work of Carnegie Mellon students, promoting ambitious and experimental art within our community. It was first opened by Aladar Marberger in 1969, taking over what was once the Woodlawn Pharmacy, to provide exhibit space for University staff and students. Marberger ran the gallery independently, without ties to any particular department and selected work for the seven exhibitions each semester. He was aided by three assistants who received full tuition to Carnegie Mellon for their work. By 1974 the Gallery acquired the name The Forbes Street Gallery and by 1982 it became the Forbes Gallery. In 1997 it became the FRAME and is now commonly referred to as The Frame Gallery. The Frame Gallery has changed considerably throughout the years and is now financially supported by JFC and the School of Art and is entirely student-run. There are currently four students staffed each semester fulfilling the roles of Co-Director (a two student partnership), Business Manager, and Public Relations Director.

Miller Institute for Contemporary Art

Miller ICA is Carnegie Mellon University’s contemporary art institute providing transformative experiences with contemporary art through exhibitions, conversation, and exchange in a free and open public space. Students, faculty, and staff within the School of Art have first-hand access to globally impactful artists and their work. The School of Art Senior group exhibition and MFA thesis exhibition are shown at the Miller ICA at the close of each spring semester.