Speakers in the School of Art’s career panel series.

Navigating life as an artist or creative takes more than just technical skills and creative vision. Our professional development classes will teach you how to take advantage of opportunities for artists, navigate the complex worlds of contracts and taxes, get hired in some of the most competitive creative industries, and more.

Here are a few recent courses:

Professional Development for Creative Practice
This class introduces you to basic organizational, legal, and financial structures and practices needed to succeed as an artist, a creative employee, or an entrepreneur. You will learn how to apply fundamental business concepts, ethics and best practices, and project management skills to your creative practice. Topics include: basic business structures, intellectual property, contracts and employment, earned income and fundraising, financial management and taxes, marketing and communications, and strategy development.

Mapping a Career Path in an Uncharted Artworld
Unlike other fields, where a set professional structure ushers graduating students into a career, the artworld is self-navigated. This course gives you a foundational understanding of the multifaceted profession you are entering through learning about key support structures such as museums, commercial galleries, DIY spaces, residencies, and much more. You will also learn a wide range of concrete skills, including writing artist statements, creating a network, building an online presence, and pricing an artwork.

Artist Development: The Business of Digital Animation & Visual Effects
This class teaches you the business fundamentals of landing a job in the competitive field of animation and visual effects. You will expand upon your presentation skills, develop your professional practices, and work towards a career path that ensures you will remain competitive within the industry. A wide range of industry panelists will join the class to lead discussions and share insider tips.

In addition, if you are specifically interested in starting your own business, IDeATe offers several courses in entrepreneurship, including Introduction to Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship, Funding Entrepreneurial Ventures, and Commercialization and Innovation.

Our commitment to helping students succeed after graduation does not end at coursework. Throughout the year, we host a series of career panels specifically for School of Art students. These panels cover topics and industries including: animation, game design, commercial and nonprofit art spaces, publishing, media production, emerging technology, and more. You will also have the vast resources of the university’s Career & Professional Development Center, which organizes career fairs, posts jobs and internships, and provides one-on-one mentorship and skill building to ensure that you will be successful in whichever area you pursue after graduation.