John Peña

Adjunct Professor of Art

John Peña is a multidisciplinary artist who makes art as a way of exploring the natural world and his daily interactions. He makes comics, sculptures, video works, and public art. A few of his projects include racing with clouds, making a drawing about his life every day for the last twelve years, and creating life-sized plaster word balloons that are precariously balanced on two-by-fours. His most recent projects include “Larimer Stories,” an ongoing collaboration with senior citizens in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Larimer in which the residents share their lives through photography and storytelling. In his most recent work, “400 Million Years of Water,” Peña created a site-specific artwork on the new Fern Hollow Bridge that illustrates significant water events throughout history ranging from the current day Fern Hollow Creek to the ancient sea of the Paleozoic Era.

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