Georgia Saxelby

Georgia Saxelby is an Australian, US-based interactive installation artist whose participatory practice investigates the relationship between ritual, gender and architecture. Through collective actions, reimagined rituals, and the constructing of new architectures, Saxelby invites her audience to collaboratively perform a symbolic task, from feasting, breaking, burning or archiving the art objects, in order to undergo an emotional and social transformation. In creating the space for this kind of interaction, one that often requires destruction, collective decision-making, and above all, participation from the audience, Saxelby erodes our relationship to art objects and the rules of engagement in public space.

Saxelby’s recent museum intervention ‘To Future Women’ was presented in multiple national museums in Washington, DC in 2018, including the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and The Phillips Collection, and generated a 20-year time capsule of letters written to the next generation of women. Intended to historicize the anniversary of the Women’s March and #MeToo movements in institutional contexts, ‘To Future Women’ will occupy the Smithsonian Archives for the next 20 years and will be re-exhibited on the 20th anniversary of the March in 2037.

Photograph of artwork by Kristin Adair. Portrait photograph by Kate Warren.


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