Chantal Feitosa-Desouza

Chantal Feitosa-Desouza is a Brazilian United Statesian working across images, text, and the classroom. Her practice explores alternative systems of learning and knowledge distribution. She uses time-based media, collage, and language to propose slower ways of thinking, remembering, and storytelling. Her dual upbringing between New York City and Rio de Janeiro as a child has influenced her work’s use of nonlinear storytelling, translations, and assemblage.

Chantal’s videos have been screened at the Harlem International Film Festival (NY), Vidlings & Tapeheads (MI), and the Anti-Racist Classroom’s Represent Film Festival (CA). Her art and writing have been published in Apogee Journal and The Photographer’s Green Book. She was an artist in residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Residency Unlimited, and Smack Mellon. She received her BFA in Film/Animation/Video from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with a concentration in Literary Arts & Studies in 2018. Her education work centers on accessible arts access to youth, and she has both co-designed and facilitated curriculums for the Queens Council on the Arts, Apple (NY), and the Artists’ Literacies Institute.

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