Caroline Yoo

Adjunct Professor of Art

Caroline Yoo is an interdisciplinary artist who was born and raised in the United States to Korean immigrants. Through her art practice of performance, social practice, intimate gatherings, and video installations, Yoo uses translation as a tool to map forgotten histories – to reveal psychological shadows haunting the diaspora – and perform contemporary translations of rituals for the living. Tracing the edges of hidden and silenced perspectives of the past to inform the personal and political of the present, Yoo visualizes narratives using multiple voices in tension with each other to highlight the complicated structures of empire and power unraveling imperial illusions through geopolitical poetry.

In her social practice, Caroline strives for radical existence through the acknowledgment of space, time, labor, mentors, and peers as building blocks needed to envision place and space as alternative learning models for kinship, debates, manifesting resistive art, dreaming wild, or processing unheard traumas to plant grounds for new futures. She is a co-founder and leader of Hwa Records, JADED, and Han Diaspora Group, all groups that focus on centering space for Asian American voices.

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2023, Yoo has performed, exhibited, and culturally produced at Carnegie Museum of Art; Institute of Contemporary Art, San Francisco; University of Southern California, University of Michigan Ann Arbor; Kelly Strayhorn Theater and more.

Headshot Credit: Audrey Medrano 
Artwork Credit: lost|born in translation, 2023, Multi-Media Installation, Photo Credit to Tom Little

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