Rebecca Shapass MFA ’23 Screens Work in New York City

Posted on June 2, 2021

Rebecca Shapass will screen her work “requiem for darkness” as part of “Straight Through The Wall: 2031” on June 4 in New York City’s East Village.

Screening description:
The future, conceptually exciting, mysterious, hopeful and terrifying, will soon be the mundanity of our daily lives. While flying cars and hover boards (regrettably) seem unlikely, so much else remains perfectly unknowable. Will we survive the various historical moments of the year 2020 to transcend our daily struggles together, holding hands and dancing in Utopic bliss a decade later? Or will we slide into unfathomable ignorance and fall like lemmings into a new dark age? And where will the robots/algorithms/intergalactic aliens [check all that apply] fit in? Or is it possible that the year 2031 will be so much more boring than all that?

STTW 2031 is a time capsule, a collection of visions, hopes, and warnings of how we think 2031 might end up. It is a delirious daydream of various future timelines conjured 10 years early and transmitted directly into the mind’s eye of the public onto the walls of the one of the world’s largest cities.

Screening program