Caroline Yoo MFA ’23 Exhibits in “The Korea Project 2021: Agora”

Posted on November 15, 2021

As part of the Han Diaspora Group, Caroline Yoo MFA ’23 exhibits in the online exhibition “The Korea Project 2021: Agora,” which showcases the work of contemporary Korean and Korean American artists. The digital works in the exhibition span various forms including 3D sculpture, audiovisual media, projection mapping, and graphic design. The artists in the show exemplify the multiplicity of voices, approaches, and perspectives of the Hallyu (Korean) Wave.

Han Diaspora Group, a group of Los Angeles-based artists of Korean descent, creates a series of digitally-presented sculptures invoking iconic female figures from Korean classical mythology. The artists draw upon powerful goddesses, monsters, and female figures associated with Korean origin stories and folktales. Using contemporary multimedia strategies as well as timeless art-making practices, the artists recontextualize the classical narratives and characters in today’s world, bringing attention to stories that are central to Korean consciousness throughout history. The works address themes such as marginal identities, female empowerment, and reconnecting with origin stories as a means to imagine new futures.

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