Professor Sharmistha Ray Exhibits at the College of Staten Island

Posted on April 8, 2024

Photograph of a glass-top table in a gallery with a set of Tarot cards neatly arranged under the glass.

Hilma’s Ghost, a feminist artist collective founded by Dannielle Tegeder and Professor Sharmistha Ray, is included in the exhibition “The Waking Dreams of Phantasmata Traumata” at the Art Gallery of the College of Staten Island. The exhibition is on view March 28 through May 9.

Does an artwork dream? Let’s imagine that the material, the medium of a created thing can also be a medium of another kind. A mystic, a clairvoyant, a soothsayer that augurs better futures, purges injuries of the soul, and connects us with the unhappy ghosts of our cruel world. The artwork as medium might be a channel to awaken other pasts (and the pasts of others), transform the present, and reshape what is to come. We might be soothed, healed, redeemed, but fear that we cannot. Perhaps the dream begins as a nightmare. These are, after all, times of plague. “The Waking Dreams of Phantasmata Traumata” explores the psychic lives of artworks when the artist is forgotten. The exhibition presents supernatural collaborations, invitations for paranormal visitation, psychic predictions, and uncanny mediations.

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Image: Installation views and detail of ABSTRACT FUTURES TAROT, an original tarot deck by Hilma’s Ghost, in the exhibition.