Professor Paolo Pedercini Exhibits at IndieCade East at the Museum of the Moving Image

Posted on February 12, 2018

Professor Pedercini is one of eight featured game designers in “A Decade of Game Design” presented at the Museum of the Moving Image as part of IndieCade East. The festival is February 16-18, and the exhibition will remain on view through June 17.

Little more than a decade ago, video games produced outside the mainstream were largely an afterthought, found only in small online communities or derogatorily labeled “casual” games. The proliferation of game-making tools, the coming-of-age of a play-literate generation, and a growing consensus on canonical works has pushed the medium into maturity, expanding what we talk about when we talk about games. Today, a renewed interest in virtual and augmented reality, along with an expanding field of interactive experiences – escape rooms, immersive theater, mobile social applications, and more – sketches the boundaries of a vast space of expression.

“A Decade of Game Design” highlights eight influential game developers from this past decade, presenting recent projects and contextualizing them within their larger bodies of work.

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