Professor Pedercini Lectures and Exhibits at the Toronto Media Arts Centre

Posted on May 13, 2019

Still from a video game showing a yellow gorilla

Professor Paolo Pedercini will lecture and show his video game work at the Toronto Media Arts Centre on May 15 as part of a program titled “Unfeeling Capitalism: Ruptures in Video Game Culture.” The evening also includes artists and collectives Gaby Aveiro, SpekWork, and Jordan Sparks.

“Unfeeling Capitalism” is part of NGHTSHFTS, a new series that honors those who labor in the dark — unseen, unpaid, and unprotected. From May 1 to May 24, NGHTSHIFTS organizes 12 events which offer critical insight into the rise of the far right and the impacts of racism and colonialism on low-wage workers.

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