Professor Pedercini Exhibits at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Portugal

Posted on October 5, 2019

Still from video game showing simplified geometric city square of skyscrapers

Professor Paolo Pedercini’s game “Nova Alea” is part of the exhibition “Inner Space,” a section of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. “Inner Space” is on view at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon, Portugal October 5 through December 2.

“Inner Space” is part of an ongoing research project into the construction of the architectural imagination. It sets out to investigate the space between the inner and outer realities, a space that could be inhabited and explored in itself, looking for those moments in which the two realms interact most vividly. Besides, it also identifies two parallel and strictly intertwined movements intervening in the construction of architectural imagination: a collective one and an individual one, two spheres complementing each other. The aim is to identify imagination as an immersive territory that can be experienced, crossed and even inhabited, defined as a human ability which partly relies on a collective process. This collective moment in the construction of the imagination intertwines with an individual one, developed by each author. “Inner Space” also identifies how architectural imagination is capable of nourishing other disciplines: from art to videogames, virtual reality, comic books and forensic investigations.

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