Professor Pedercini Exhibits in “Besides the Screen” in Brazil

Posted on September 9, 2019

Digital image showing a grid of orange figures in a variety of positions in cells

Professor Paolo Pedercini’s work “A Short History of the Gaze” is included in “Besides the Screen,” a conference and festival focused on ‘screen studies’ and art. The event takes place at Federal University of Espírito Santo in Vitória, Brazil September 9-15.

“A Short History of the Gaze” is a collection of semi-abstract interactive scenarios examining the act of looking and its relationship with violence. From the evolution of sight in a pre-cambrian sea creature to the dominance display of a primate, from a landscape of billboards begging for attention to an infinite panopticon, the player traverses and affects the virtual scenes by simply looking (or not looking) at things.

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