Professor Kovak’s Solo Exhibition Opens at York College

Posted on November 1, 2019

Drawing of many dishes on a glass display

Professor Kristen Letts Kovak‘s solo exhibition of drawings title “White Noise” is on view at York College’s Marketview Arts on November 1 to 23.

Artist Statement
In our current political climate, contradictory observations are amassed and arranged into potential truths. We attempt to discern moments of clarity from moments of fabricated design. Faced with incompatible interpretations, we struggle in a web of polarized black and white realities spun so densely as to appear gray.

This body of work is a visual meditation on intense observation. Instead of filtering through the noise to arrive at clarity, I record my visual aberrations and tangents. The marks convey so many contradictory points of focus that realities become intertwined and individual signification is lost. Even nuance is reduced to a hum of animated white noise. The drawn forms vacillate between object and atmosphere (fact and context) to create a cacophonous volume so loud as to become deafeningly quiet.

Exhibition website