Professor Kristen Letts Kovak Exhibits at the Touchstone Center for Crafts

Posted on May 13, 2019

Painting of silver vessels reflecting many colors in a shop window

“Vessels in Five Dimensions” explores the spatial fluidity between two-dimensional images and three-dimensional forms. Professor Kristen Letts Kovak and Sylvija Singh construct vessels that imply meaning but lessen function. Kovak’s paintings depict forms whose cultural context has been removed or interrupted. Similarly, Singh’s graceful ceramic forms are pieced together with slabs, revealing a collection of gaps affecting their function as vessels. Both artists use the variability of light and individual perception to push the boundaries of height, width, and depth. “Vessels in Five Dimensions” is on view at the Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA, June 2 – July 27.