Professor Rubin and Visiting Research Faculty Habib Sorosh Participate in List Center’s ‘On the Table’

Posted on June 14, 2022

Professor Jon Rubin and Visiting Research Faculty from Afghanistan Habib Sorosh are part of MIT List Visual Arts Center’s summer program “On the Table.” The program presents six artist-designed “menus” to respond to what is “on the table” when it comes to sharing a meal today. While some artist-designed menus may provide dinner party instructions or recipes to prepare, others will be imaginative prompts that invite creative interpretation.

Rubin and Sorosh’s contribution will be released on July 14. Their project will invite people to help rebuild a collection of several hundred DVD’s that Habib had to destroy when the Taliban came to power. Painstakingly collected over 14 years and used as his primary teaching material, each re-collected film will form a chapter in a book that tells the story of how it was originally acquired and how it uniquely impacted Habib’s life.

Program website