Professor Carson Exhibits at the Irish Architectural Center

Posted on September 6, 2019

Black and white photographs labeled "Whiteabbey," "Rush Park," "Near Merville," and "Near Whitewell"

Gleaning its title from visionary architect R. Buckminster Fuller’s 1968 book, “Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth” debuts new commissions by Patrick Hough and Fiona Marron, inaugural artists-in-residence in 2019 at the Irish Architectural Archive, alongside key artworks by Professor John Carson and Stuart Whipps. The exhibition is on view September 6 through November 1.

The exhibition presents a selection of conceptually-led projects from 1977 by Carson, each accentuating new experimental geographies around Belfast and its hinterland. Hilltop Line, Hilltop Triangle, and Circuit involve the moving of stones, a bespoke signalling system and the subtle evocation of a telepathic relationship between three friends facilitated by DJ Handi of local station Radio Downtown.

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