Professor Hansen Exhibits at Virginia Tech for New Media Symposium

Posted on October 3, 2022

Professor Isla Hansen‘s work “Tools to Dismantle Myself” is on view at Virginia Tech as part of “Future Bodies,” the 2022 New Media Caucus Symposium and Exhibition, September 30 – October 2. In addition, Lena Chen MFA ’22 will exhibit work her work “OnlyBans” (made in collaboration with Maggie Oates) and Rebecca Shapass MFA ’23 will present.

The symposium presents a constellation of new interdisciplinary research and practice in new media that considers the role of bodies, broadly conceived, in our collective future. As both material and metaphorical entities, bodies are at once subject to historical context and act as agents in forging new horizons of experience. “Future Bodies” convenes conversations around a set of interrelated questions about how bodies shape and intersect with art, technology, data, ecology, and history. Participants explore how specific bodies, as sites of tension and contestation, are rendered, identified, and understood, and in turn, how they enable us to imagine and instantiate new futures inside and outside of established systems.

Symposium website