Conflict Kitchen Named to List of “100 Works of Art that Defined the Decade” by Artnet News

Posted on January 13, 2020

Photograph of Conflict Kitchen, a takeout kiosk decorated in with geometric patterning

Conflict Kitchen, a project by Professor Jon Rubin and Dawn Weleski (BFA ’10) was included Artnet News‘ list of the “100 Works of Art the Defined the Decade” by National Art Critic Ben Davis.

Davis writes, “Serving dishes from countries in conflict with the United States, Conflict Kitchen was both a functional food stand in Pittsburgh and an informational kiosk promoting understanding and serving as a locus for debate with each new iteration. Rubin and Weleski, the artists behind it, are on to new things now, but the idea lives on as an example of art providing literal ‘food for thought.'”

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