Professor Caroline Yoo Premieres New Performance at Kelly Strayhorn Theater

Posted on April 1, 2024

“Prophecies & Soy Sauce Shots”, a new experimental performance by Professor Caroline Yoo and Davine Byon will premiere at Kelly Strayhorn Theater in Pittsburgh on April 5 and 6. The work is part of the theater’s Freshworks program, which is a creative residency for Pittsburgh-based artists and collaborators.

In “Prophecies & Soy Sauce Shots”, the artists move together, rejecting the permanently aspirational future and reflecting on the consequences of ancestral dreamwork. The performance asks, are we dreaming in resistance of or within the confines of colonized standards of success? They move through three vignettes, using projections, sculpture, music, and the exchange of dreams. This new performance in process pieces together a messy, precious home in the diaspora, and asks whose dreams – past, present, and future – we are living for.

Photo Credit: Alenté Giovanni