This area embraces the challenging and ever-evolving definition of sculpture and its role in society. In a digital-oriented world, what is the role of physical objects? You will be encouraged to explore many methods of fabrication including digital, virtual, and human-computer interactivity, in addition to time-honored tools for building. 

Here are a few recent advanced courses:

Environmental Sculpture
Moving outside the university campus, you will make sculptural work with a focus on the environment (often referred to as EcoArt). In addition to conceptual questions of working within the natural world, this course will also provide you with the skills required to negotiate permission for unconventional sites.

Sculpture After the Internet
Our increasing reliance on digital technology has transformed how we interact with the world around us. This class will ask how you, as an artist, can work within and against this new reality. You will be expected to navigate back and forth between digital and physical creative tool sets, and explore issues surrounding automation, the relationship between the body and technology, and scripted spaces.

In this class, you will confront such questions as: How and when do materials and objects turn into things? What does it mean to make objects in a world already oversaturated with material products and waste? How does the display and arrangement of objects change our experience and interpretations of them?

You will work on a large scale in this course that focuses on the transformation of particular spaces through artistic interventions, whether you are working in a gallery or situating your work in an unexpected public location. How can you communicate your ideas and personal experiences through immersive experiences?