Elaine King

Professor Emerita, History of Art, Criticism & Museum Studies

Since leaving Carnegie Mellon’s School of Art, in 2018, I have been very busy. I view this new period as a time of refinement not just as retirement.  Now I can focus on what is most significant to me. My teaching position at Carnegie Mellon was my daytime job; however, I remain active as a freelance curator and art critic who writes frequently for Sculpture Magazine, Artes Magazine and Grapheion [in Slovakia]. I’m a member of the National Press Club, DC; the Association of International Art Critics, and the Women’s Club of Bethesda, WCB, where I am Chair of a program called Youth Art.  Furthermore, the WCB actively engages in fundraising   for organizations and individuals who are in need such as the Comfort Cases that provides needed goods to mothers and children. Traveling has been especially enjoyable to places such as Iceland, Croatia, Italy, the UK as well as spending time in Tucson Arizona. I see myself as a world traveler who likes learning about different cultures and art, its people and food.

I remain married to my husband Scott Farrow of 35 years. We live in Bethesda with our two adorable but mischievous felines—Sir Oskar and Mr. Pippin. I love reading, especially mystery books, watching good films, cooking, playing tennis, swimming, biking, kayaking and sailing, as well as spending quality time with good friends and family. At our Cape House in Cataumet MA, I’ve created a Secret Garden, which is a haven for solitude, reading and relaxation. Additionally, I am compiling an anthology of my art reviews, essays, interviews, and talks that I hope to have published within the next year.

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