Work of the Week: Rigved Deshpande

Posted on September 11, 2020

Rigved Deshpande
Real-Time Animation with Primitives

I made these three short animations for Johannes DeYoung’s Real Time Animation course. As the name suggests, these animations were created, rendered, and post-processed real-time in the Unity game engine. A fun creative limitation placed by the assignment was to only use primitive geometries; cubes, cylinders, etc.

Anyways…Here’s Wonderwall
I wanted to keep things simple for my first attempt at animation in Unity. As a rock drummer myself I picked a familiar, easy-to-play beat used by most alternative rock bands like Oasis and Green Day. The fun part was creating an animation state machine that keeps time like a real drummer would.

Dancing Rolls
This animation pays homage to one of my favorite Charlie Chaplin films, The Gold Rush. Chaplin performs a little dance by sticking forks into dinner rolls, flicking and hopping them gracefully like a dancer. This was also my first time using animation curves, to add more grace and fluidity to the movement.

Sentry Assembly
This adorable (and deadly!) little robot is from Team Fortress 2, a team based first person shooter. I primarily play the role of Engineer in the game, often building sentries like this one in-game, and wanted to create one with my own low-poly art-style.

This is my favorite animation from the project! The movements are more complicated than the first two, so I had to sketch it out first. I paid particular attention to the sound design here because it has a lot of nostalgic value for me from growing up playing the game.