WATCH: Shori Sims BFA ’22 Talks with Classmates about COVID-19 and Art

Posted on April 2, 2020

Still from a video showing five people talking on Zoom

During the first week of classes in 2018, School of Art student Shori Sims was in an accident that put her in the hospital for several weeks. Upon discharge, she returned home for the rest of the school year to recover, eagerly awaiting her return to CMU the following year. So when she found out she’d be spending the second half of this year’s spring semester once again back at home, she was especially disappointed. She quickly realized, however, that her experience last year made her better equipped than some of her classmates at social distancing and creating art from her bedroom.

In her new video, Shori speaks with several fellow classmates and friends about their experiences and reflections on the COVID-19 crisis and making art from home. At a time when our daily situation is constantly shifting, this video offers a glimpse of how students are processing what it means to be an artist in this moment.