Senior Spotlight: Himalini Gururaj

Posted on May 8, 2023

Himalini Gururaj

Briefly describe your artistic practice.
I like the space between the physical world and code. Oftentimes, algorithmic work exists in the world of the digital—straight lines and binary. To challenge that, I mix code with objects from the physical world: hair, biases, sketches.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on a piece of custom software that lets artists sketch a small set of tiles to generate infinite size drawings randomly. I use this to make large scale drawings and render them with a pen plotter.

What’s your best piece of advice for art students?
Take the time to document all your work. It is near impossible to convince someone of how cool a project is if all that survives is a poorly taken iPhone photo. Spend 15 minutes to properly light, capture, and explain your work in a web ready format.

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