Senior Spotlight: Dani Moll Toste

Posted on May 3, 2022

Dani Moll Toste

Briefly describe your artistic practice.
I often draw muscular, fleshy people. I am aesthetically and formally inspired by computer graphics and video games, trying to find “my hand” in digital painting.

What are you currently working on?
I have a few paintings in progress, but recently I’ve been putting my energy into a first-person, dreamy-museum-world game. Over the past couple years I’d gone back into this project to rework it.

How has your artistic practice changed since you came to CMU?
I came to CMU thinking I would just build a concept art portfolio, but being surrounded by students with widely varying practices changed my outlook on life. College ended up being a place of exploration, and it’s been liberating knowing that most people are doing their own cool thing.

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