Palais des Beaux Arts Wien Acquires Work by Rosabel Rosalind MFA ’23

Posted on March 29, 2021

The Palais des Beaux Arts Wein (Vienna) acquired three works from Rosabel Rosalind‘s satirical comic series “How to Each Like a Jew” for their permanent collection.

Rosalind’s series “How to Eat Like a Jew” transforms her own cultural traditions by recontextualizing anti-Semitic conspiracies and exaggerated stereotypes into instructional recipes. This body of work was developed from her Fulbright-funded research at the Jewish Museum Vienna’s Schlaff collection of anti-Semitic objects and postcards. Through her investigation of hate imagery, Rosabel found humor and “schtick” to be a fitting encapsulation of the self-deprecating, ever-suffering Jewish spirit. By recycling oppressive stereotypes and symbolic tropes, Rosabel aims to celebrate resilience and strength, embracing the absurd and the funny while commemorating a long history of Jewish oppression. In 2020, the Palais des Beaux Arts acquired scanned versions of three comics from the series in .tif format: “How to Make Hamantaschen,” “How to Make Matzah,” and “How to Make Latke.”

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