Rachel Moeller BFA ‘17 VR Project “The Act of Observation” Reviewed in Killscreen/Versions

Posted on February 7, 2017

Rachel Moeller’s BFA ‘17 VR project “The Act of Observation,” created in the School of Art’s Fall Semester 3D Animation class, was reviewed in Killscreen’s Versions.

Playable on Google Cardboard, Moeller’s game is guided by your effortless gaze. Sight triggers animations with no external gamepad required. “There’s nothing more voyeuristic than watching over a girl’s bedroom. It feels wrong. Perverted even, in a lot of ways. A girl’s room is her sanctuary. Her safe place. Her “no parents or strangers allowed” haven. In The Act of Observation, a Google Cardboard experiment, you inhabit that forbidden space, and in a twist, witness a ghastly occurrence.”

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