Nick Crockett MFA ’19 Exhibits at Now Play This / London Games Festival

Posted on April 4, 2017

Nick Crockett MFA ’19 exhibits his game, “The Whole World [Tiny Travelogue]” at the Now Play This festival at the Somerset House in London from April 7-9, as part of the London Games Festival.

Now Play This is a festival of experimental game design, showcasing some of the most interesting games and playful work being made around the UK and the world. As part of the London Games Festival, NPT focuses on an exhibition of forty games – some digital, some physical, and some halfway between the two – and a program of special events including a board games afternoon, a strange controllers showcase, and a day for discussion between practitioners.

Nick Crockett hails fro California with a BA in Design | Media Art from UCLA and am a former resident of the UCLA Game Lab. He favors hardware that runs on masking tape and hope, software that relies on people behind curtains, and controllers that poke you back. Festival website