Kasem Kydd BFA ’18 Interviewed by Bad Luck

Posted on October 6, 2017

In his interview with Bad Luck, School of Art Senior Kasem Kydd talks about his artistic practice and the desire to create space for people of color in the art world.

Excerpt from the interview:

Currently, the art world is still highly dominated by white artists. Your art directly goes against this norm. Can you talk about your goals with your work?

I think the goals I have for my work are always changing from piece to piece. I think underneath that all there is a desire to take up space in a white dominated art world, to create space for other POC in the art world. To physically have spaces that are for black people, you know sort of following that idea of for us, by us. For me my work is for black people first, in generals and in specifics. I think spaces of healing are extremely important, especially considering how overt a lot of the dangers surrounding black people are in our present day. I think healing, protest and fighting go hand in hand. My work is about fighting, reinventing histories, creating possible futures and creating current spaces that are for the larger community I am a part of.

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