Congratulations to the 2019 Art Awards Winners!

Posted on April 22, 2019

The School of Art congratulates the winners of the 2019 Art Awards! An exhibition of work by award recipients will be held May 1 through 10 in the foyers, hallways, and Ellis gallery on the third floor of the College of Fine Arts.

First Year Awards
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Ilona Altman
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Isabel Horgan
Wilfred Readio Award: Justin Gotzis (first image above)
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Moxie Duncan-Tessmer

Sophomore Awards
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Emmett Donlon
Artist and Craftsman Supply Award: Rachel Lee (fourth image above)
Agusta Fisher Porter Award: Rebecca Polanzke
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Steven Montinar
Emily Phyllis Howard Award: Yeon Jin Lee

Junior Awards
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Miranda Miller
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Peter Sheehan (second image above)
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Sophia Qin

Senior Awards
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Anna Schulz
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Grace Simmons (third image above)
John L. Porter Award: Sarah Kim
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Daniel See

Marjory C Glassburn Francis Award
Grace Huddleston
Mairead Dambruch

Interdisciplinary Awards
Jamison Edgar
Selina Lee
Shannon Case

C.G. Douglas “Wrong-Way” Corrigan Travel Fellowship
Jacquelyn Johnson

Dara Birnbaum Senior Award
Chloé Desaulles

About the Awards
School of Art Awards, given annually, are chosen by a faculty jury. Faculty uses the following criteria as they evaluate submissions: conceptual depth, technical expertise and development, evidence of creative growth, engagement with the culture we live in, sense of exploration, and demonstrated commitment. In addition, the following awards require project proposals: Interdisciplinary Awards, C.G. Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan Travel Fellowship, and the Marjory Glassburn Francis Project Award.