Announcing the 2020 Art Award Winners!

Posted on May 7, 2020

The School of Art congratulates the winners of our annual art awards! We had a record number of submissions this year, and faculty were truly impressed with the caliber of work submitted.

See more work by this year’s award winners in our online exhibition!

Images (l to r): Jennifer Shin, Joo Hee Kim, Angelica Bonilla, Benford Krummenacher

First Year Awards
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Jennifer Shin
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Angelica Bonilla
Wilfred Readio Award: Joo Hee Kim
Wilfred Readio Award: Benford Krummenacher

Images (l to r): Iz Horgan, Moxie Duncan-Tessmer, Jonas Petkus, Shori Sims

Sophomore Awards
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Shori Sims
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Moxie Duncan-Tessmer
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Jonas Petkus
Agusta Fisher Porter Award: Iz Horgan

Images (l to r): Connie Ye, Emmett Donlon, Steven Montinar, Huw Messie

Junior Awards
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Steven Montinar
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Huw Messie
Emily Phyllis Howard Award: Emmett Donlon
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Connie Ye

Images (l to r): Zachary Rapaport, Katie Tender, Ema Furusho, Sophia Qin, Jacquelyn Johnson

Senior Awards
John L. Porter Award: Sophia Qin
Anne Ophelia Dowden Award: Ema Furusho
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Jacquelyn Johnson
Samuel Rosenberg Award: Zachary Rapaport
Anne Ophelia Dowden Exceptional Student Award: Katie Tender

Images (l to r): Lumi Barron, Coco Allred

Marjory Glassburn Francis Award
Coco Allred

Dara Birnbaum Award
Lumi Barron

Images (l to r): Lena Chen, Nathalie Moreno

Interdisciplinary Awards
Lena Chen
Petra Floyd

C.G. Douglas “Wrong-Way” Corrigan Travel Fellowship
Nathalie Moreno