Activated Anamorphs Performs with the Exploded Ensemble in Live Stream on March 17

Posted on March 12, 2021

On March 17 at 8 PM EDT, Activated Anamorphs and the Exploded Ensemble will present “The Stream,” a live experimental music and wearable sculpture-based video performance. The event will be followed by a brief talk with the artists and musicians.

“The Stream” features works by the Exploded Ensemble in response to the digital degradation of signal that occurs when streaming audio and video via online platforms. It includes visual experimentations by the Activated Anamorphs inspired by the work of guest artist Machine Dazzle, who prompted reactions to his project “NANO: Conversations In The Bloodstream.”

Event link

Jesse Stiles (Instructor)
Freida Abtan (Instructor)
Mitchell Borkowski
Basil Collis
B Crittenden
Noah Lauziere
Adrian Mester
Polaron Posadas
Miles Scharff
Travis Wright

Scott Andrew (instructor)
Jesse Factor (visiting artist)
Keegan Barone (teaching assistant)
Nikolas Diamant
Annabelle Folsom
Kaitlyn Fong
Isabel Horgan
Neve Monroe-Anderson
Timothy Nelson-Pyne
Arden Wolf
Christi Welter
Catherine Yu