MFA Alum Rosabel Rosalind Designs the 2023 School of Art T-Shirt

Posted on September 11, 2023

For our third annual artist-designed t-shirt, the School of Art enlisted the help of alum Rosabel Rosalind (MFA ’23) to create a design inspired by classic American tattoos.

“This year’s design was inspired by my newfound appreciation for the American traditional tattoo style, which is extremely popular in Pittsburgh,” Rosalind said.

In addition to her academic art practice, Rosalind developed a tattoo practice while she was a grad student at CMU. While initially conceived of a separate endeavors, the two modes of drawing influenced one another, obscuring the lines between what’s considered thoughtful and trivial.

Her design encompasses both the serious and playful. “Much like the multiplicity of artistic practices within the School of Art, tattoos can be a serious approach to self-expression, bodily reclamation and storytelling, conveying a deep and meaningful idea. They can also just be a spontaneous and playful expression of our individuality.”

“I hope that the shirt design reminds people that art can be many things (it can even be pure fun!) and that it’s our choice as artists what to do with our bodies, and our bodies of work.”

The t-shirt is available for all current School of Art students, faculty and staff for free.