MFA Thesis Exhibition ‘Friends Forever’ Opens at the Miller ICA on March 17

Posted on March 15, 2021

“Special bonds form between people after enduring shared hardships together. External conditions pressurized by adversity melt away superficial differences and people fuse together on a fundamental level. These are the bonds that can last a lifetime, or as the title of the 2021 MFA exhibition, ‘Friends Forever,’ suggests they can even last beyond the grave. Each of the artists in this graduating class touch on themes of hardship, escapism, the things that unify groups of people across difference, and the things that tear us apart.”

-Elizabeth Chodos, Director, Miller ICA

The 2021 MFA Thesis exhibition, “Friends Forever,” opens at the Miller ICA on March 17. Spanning three floors, the show presents all new work in wide ranging media by Lau Hochi, Jackson McKeehan, Nathalie Moreno, David Noel, Max Spitzer, and Huidi Xiang.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, visitors must have current CMU identification to see the exhibition. Installation images and a video walkthrough will posted to the Miller ICA website shortly after the exhibition opening.

Photograph by Charlie White