London Williams MFA ’24 Exhibits in Inaugural Yale School of Art Annual Exhibition

Posted on March 1, 2022

London Williams‘ work will be included in “No White Walls,” the inaugural Yale School of Art Annual exhibition curated by graduate students, on view March 28 through April 10.

“No White Walls” seeks to engage themes of collectivity and challenge the established history of the exhibition space in Western museums and galleries—a history dominated by the white cube formula. As such, this exhibition will focus on artworks that stand free from the walls and incorporate sonic, tactile, and/or olfactory elements. Drawing from the lineage of Rasquache art, the Tropicalia movement, Auto-construcción, and other decolonial approaches to art making, this exhibition will attempt to disrupt the legacy of an educational model influenced by the commercial expectations facing MFA students today. The curators of the exhibition aim to identify, engage, and uplift MFA practitioners within the Northeast region that are not solely invested in producing objects intended for a particular market or economic exchange. Through this refusal to engage in a market that capitalizes on the exploitation of MFA students, the exhibition will provide an alternative and temporary platform to practitioners that move beyond siloed forms of knowledge keeping.

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