Professor Silver and Hilary Harp Screen “Sausage” at 2017 PCAACA Conference

Posted on April 18, 2017

Professor of Art Suzie Silver and Hilary Harp screened “Sausage” Apr 12-15 at the 2017 Annual Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in San Diego, as part of the Gender and Sexuality in Visual Representations of Fairy Tales panel.

The first video in the Fairy Fantastic! series, “Sausage” is based on a Swedish folk tale “The Sausage”, and tells the humorous story of two sisters, three wishes, and a calamitous obsession with a sausage. “The Sausage” is part of “Fairy Fantastic!” a fairy and folk tale series presenting gender fluid adaptations of classic tales. “Sausage” features Scott Andrew MFA ’13 and Lauren Valley BFA ’17.