Professor Paolo Pedercini’s “Casual Games for Protestors” Featured in Vice

Posted on March 13, 2017

Associate Professor Paolo Pedercini and multi-disciplinary artist Harry Josephine Giles’ initiative “Casual Games for Protestors” was featured in Vice. These games don’t need much preparation, and are meant to be played by pairs or groups during marches with the goal to help the spirit of protest endure.

Based on Giles’s Casual Games “for Casual Walkers” and “for City Walkers”, many originate from folk games, Victorian parlor games, language games, and acting exercises. “There’s a number of them that I’ve done at previous mobilizations, previous protests, previous trainings,” Giles says. “And there’s a few, I think only one or two of which have been published so far, that are explicitly training games for dealing with police tactics and police movements.” For example: a variation on Rock, Paper, Scissors called “Peace, War, Revolution” or Bingo guessing which country the U.S. will bomb next.

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