Professor Maria Elena Versari’s Essays Featured in Fascismo e Società Italiana

Posted on February 7, 2017

Visiting Professor of Art History & Theory, Maria Elena Versari has published two essays in the volume Fascismo e Società Italiana Temi e parole chiave, devoted to fascism’s use of monumental inscriptions and to the handmade artworks that citizens gifted Mussolini during his dictatorship.

Edited by Carlo De Maria (Bradypus, 2016), the book identifies the need to go beyond the general interpretations of the regime to plunge “in the concrete analysis of the specific problems” and to reconstruct, in a dynamic way, the historical reality of the Fascist period. Exploring different themes (the relationship between fascism and culture, the role of the middle classes, the territorial settlement of the regime, the processes of modernization of the twenties and thirties), new generations of historians continue the excavation work and investigation in the awareness of the complexity of the fascist experience and the need to better analyze how, in the deepening about the individual issues. Versari’s contributions include two essays “Words (entries)” and “Doni (Mussolini).”