Professor Joe Mannino Exhibits in “The Great California Art Movement – UC Davis 1960-1990” at John Natsoulas Gallery

Posted on October 26, 2016

Professor of Art Joe Mannino exhibits in “The Great California Art Movement – UC Davis 1960-1990” October 26 – November 27 at John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA.

Mannino is a sculptor who has used static forms to express his reactions to cultural, political and personal events. He translates these reactions into works made up of simplified forms, often with outsized proportions, so as to transcend time and space and to elicit an emotional and intellectual response the viewer. “Many of my works over the past twenty years have employed fragmented heroic images that are at once playful, yet isolated and mysterious, complex and contradictory. My sculptures are informed by classical architectural language, and its mannerist and metaphorical uses in history.” Mannino teaches a range of courses including 3-D Media for freshmen; sculpture classes emphasizing the use of ceramic sculpture; as well as Senior Project and the MFA Graduate Studio.