Professor Angela Washko’s Solo Exhibition Receives Positive Reviews in the New Yorker and Others

Posted on March 19, 2018

Professor Angela Washko‘s solo exhibition of “The Game: The Game” at the Museum of the Moving Image was written about in the New Yorker, BOMB Magazine, Vice: Broadly, and Kotaku. The exhibition is on view through April 1.

Review excerpts:

“In her ingenious reconstruction of complex social encounters, there is no standard measure for winning. Instead, players, while navigating the game’s multiple-choice menus, are offered insight into a pickup artist’s warped reasoning, and given the chance to redo an evening gone wrong.”
New Yorker

“Women will identify with it, men can empathize with it, and both will learn from ‘The Game: The Game.'”
BOMB Magazine

“Playing ‘The Game: The Game’ depressingly recalls any given night out for any femme-presenting person. Men do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to learn to view women as a means to an end or to persistently, aggressively pursue someone even after she expresses reluctance; that information is freely disseminated in our culture.”
Vice: Broadly

“It’s a tactical visual novel with the emotional impact of a piece of reported journalism.”