Prof. Washko and Katie Rose Pipkin MFA ’18 Present at Interrupt 4

Posted on April 25, 2017

Visiting Assistant Professor Angela Washko and MFA Candidate Katie Rose Pipkin present at Interrupt 4, a digital language conference bringing together artists and academics, poets and programmers, game designers, musicians performers and more April 28 & 29 at Brown University, Providence, RI.

Interrupt is free and open to the public, and organized by Todd Anderson and John Cayley in collaboration with other members of the Brown/RISd arts community. Interrupt features talks, performances and workshops by: Darius Kazemi, Kate Compton, Steve Roggenbuck, Angela Washko, Ramsey Nasser, Katie Rose Pipkin, Sam Lavigne, Tega Brain, Paul Soulellis Nicole He, Talan Memmott, Kate Sicchio, Bryant & Zachary Smith, and Ilana Harris-Babou.

Conference website