Professor Versari Curates Interactive Documentary Exhibition on Umberto Boccioni

Posted on October 24, 2022

This documentary and interactive exhibition devoted to Umberto Boccioni’s 1914 book Futurist Painting Sculpture (Plastic Dynamism), curated by Professor Maria Elena Versari, is the first of its kind. “Futurist Painting Sculpture (Painting Dynamism): The History of a Book and Its Editions” allows visitors to immerse themselves in the material history of Futurism, discovering the vast range of original, printed documents (catalogues, manifestos, journals, books, etc.) that characterized the movement’s propagandistic strategies. The exhibition is on view October 19 through December 31 at the Museo TMUB di Morciano di Romagna.

The exhibition showcases the first edition of Boccioni’s book as well as those published after his death up to 1946, surrounded by a series of documents that reveal the artist’s theoretical evolution. Each object on display can be virtually accessed via a QR code, allowing visitors to leaf through and read the publications in real time and in front of the original. The exhibition also provides an explanatory guide that reveals the significance of the displayed documents.