Professor Barrois Exhibits at LVL3 in Chicago

Posted on March 1, 2021

Professor Lyndon Barrois Jr. has a three-person exhibition with Madeline Gallucci and Zack Ingram titled “11” at LVL3 in Chicago. The exhibition, on view February 27 through April 11, celebrates the artist run space and online publication’s 11the anniversary.

“11” features three artists who have previously participated in shows at LVL3. 11 is a palindromic number which invokes balance, tension, and harmony. For this exhibition, artists present work with the form of a diptych in mind to honor these qualities. Diptychs are a unique mode of artwork presentation which not only allow for a sense of relationship and communication, but also invoke difference and antithesis. The empty space or joining mechanism between the works speaks as loudly as the work itself.

Exhibition website