Professor Barrois Exhibits at Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City

Posted on March 13, 2023

Professor Lyndon Barrois Jr.’s work is included in “clock:work” at Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City, MO. The exhibition, on view March 17 through April 29, treats sports as a source of inspiration while questioning the institutional bodies that oversee them.

The title, “clock:work,” refers to the timed and regulated structure of sports and art practices in a deadline-focused society, sifting through the topics of iconicity, representation, and systemic injustices. Just how games and races create a beginning and end using the shot clock, innings or starter pistol, the work of artists also exists within a self-imposed time frame that determines when an artwork is considered to be done. The selected artworks range from being critical to celebratory, exploring the individual elements that create a shared culture within sports.

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