Dimensions Variable Present Solo Show by Professor Kim Beck

Posted on April 25, 2024

Dimensions Variable in Miami presents a solo project titled “Pitch” by Professor Kim Beck, on view May 4 through July 10, 2024.

In “Pitch”, Beck explores shifting terrains through weavings, photographs, sculptures, and flags. “Pitch” draws from its various meanings—tar and bituminous earth used for waterproofing, the tonal quality of sound, and the inclination of surfaces—to delve into themes of surface, tone, and destabilization. This exhibition showcases works from 2020 to the present, revealing ground textures and silhouettes across diverse media. Beck employs crayon rubbings of asphalt on raw linen and spray-painted stone silhouettes, hinting at the pervasive yet destructive cycle of extraction and paving. These pieces subtly engage with disaster and place, inviting open interpretation and showcasing the artist’s methodology.

Beck’s large weavings capture the slow passage of time, contrasting with the immediate marks on their surface. The interplay of color and texture in these weavings, alongside the intentional imperfections, reflects the complexity of merging surfaces. One installation features boulders crafted from stone rubbings, blending into their environment like camouflaged rocks. Outside, Beck extends the theme skyward with three cyanotype flags. These flags, imprinted with ground elements and illuminated by sunlight, transform into celestial symbols, challenging the notion of place and representation. Kim Beck’s “Pitch” offers a multifaceted exploration of ground and identity, merging everyday materials with profound conceptual underpinnings.

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