Professor Katherine Hubbard Opens Solo Show at Company Gallery

Posted on January 10, 2020

Black-and-white abstract photograph

“Avoid glancing blows,” a new body of photographic work by Professor Katherine Hubbard, opens at Company Gallery in New York City on January 10. Working with a range of photographic techniques and image genres, Hubbard circulates questions of utility, leverage and the psychic resonance of a basement built out of the bedrock. There will be a performance held in the gallery on February 22, and the exhibition closes on February 23.

Included in “Avoid glancing blows” are two large-scale silver gelatin photogram prints created with a camera-less process in a traditional black and white darkroom. The photogram images a well-worn polyethylene-coated woven tarp—a vernacular form, not considered for its surface, becomes a backdrop within the exhibition. Photographs taken underwater of legs shifting weight, side to side, as they tread water in efforts to maintain the buoyancy of the body are positioned on the floor and supported by armature of a double frame—small still life images of crow bars mirror this frame structure on the wall.

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