Professor DeYoung Exhibits at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Posted on March 23, 2019

Digitally created image of a figure standing in a jungle with his mouth open at sunset or sunrise

Professor Johannes DeYoung‘s work is part of the group exhibition “Immortal on Screen” on view at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts March 23 through May 26. “Immortal on Screen” explores anxieties of transformation and self-preservation in an epoch of rapid cultural and technological change.

As increased virtualization of society erodes civic trust about what constitutes reality, artists in this exhibition question contemporary conditions of voyeuristic existence, scenarios of display, disappearance and virtual immortality, with artworks that look into debates and lamentations with self-presentation in cyberspace. Other exhibiting artists include Cho Li-Hang, Peng Yu-Chu, Tzeng Yi-Reh (Taiwan); KUO I-Chen (Taiwan); Kyle MacDonald (USA); Lauren McCarthy (USA); Amalia Ulman (Argentina / USA); Frank Warren (USA); and YE Funa (China).

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