Prof DeYoung Presents at the Animation and Public Engagement Symposium

Posted on September 20, 2019

Digital image of a group of people on a life raft in a storm

Professor Johannes DeYoung presents a talk, “Augmentations in the Palace of Culture,” about real-time animation and collaborative practice at the 2019 Animation and Public Engagement Symposium. The symposium is an annual forum for scholars and practitioners concerned in advancing and promoting animation as artistic and therapeutic practice, educational technique, and as a tool for social engagement.

The event brings together professionals from areas such as health/wellbeing; social impact and activism; therapeutic studies, including art and psychotherapy; and educational initiatives. The symposium offers an alternative view of the potential of animation beyond personal expression, entertainment or publicity, and identifies new terrains in the interface of animation with society. It takes place at Texas Tech University, September 19-21.

Symposium website